Lab Testing

During your visit, the Naturopathic doctor may recommend that specific lab tests be done to better assess your health and monitor treatment progress. Naturopathic doctors are trained in lab diagnosis and interpretation, and our clinic is able to order comprehensive lab tests to meet the unique needs of patients.

Though Naturopathic doctors are able to order lab tests, the cost of the tests are not covered by OHIP. For this reason, we ask that patients bring the latest copies of their lab results to their appointments. Lab testing may be required before certain treatments can be started or to monitor the progress of a specific treatment. However, all lab tests and associated costs are discussed with patients as well as alternative options.


Naturopathic doctors can also order specialized lab tests which may be recommended to gain a deeper understanding a patient’s case.

IgG Food Sensitivity Testing – food sensitivity testing that assesses delayed-response immune reactions that may occur up to several days after exposure to a food allergen. May be useful for many conditions including: acne, abdominal pain, constipation/diarrhea, migraines, hives, eczema, etc.

DUTCH Panel – a comprehensive dried urine test of urinary metabolites assessing hormone metabolism, adrenal function & neurotransmitter metabolites. This test is useful for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and hormonal issues.

Micronutrient Testing – an assessment of a patient’s vitamin and mineral status to determine potential deficiencies.

Hair Element Analysis – a hair sample is collected to assess a patient’s nutrient status and presence of toxic elements.

Female/Male Hormone Panels – includes saliva or urine tests used to uncover hormone imbalances for both women and men.

Organic Acids Test – an evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria as well as providing a metabolic snapshot; this test is particularly useful in determining appropriate treatment for those with autism, behavioural disorders, hyperactivity, movement and neurological disorders, unexplained fatigue and impaired immune function.

Lyme Disease Testing – select tests are available through specialized labs in California and Germany for both acute and chronic Borrelia burgdorferi “Lyme” infections.

Other tests may be available that are not listed above. For questions about specific lab tests, tests which can be ordered or associated lab costs, please call our clinic for more information.

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