Mental Health in Adults

Are you feeling depressed, stressed or anxious? Are you having difficulty coping in your day-to-day life? Are you thinking of trying the “natural route” before trying medication?

Dr. Noelle (ND) understands the difficulties of coping with these feelings and can provide patients with safe, naturopathic solutions. As with most other health conditions, the symptoms we experience are usually signs of a greater problem in the body. When it comes to mental health, there are many reasons why we can be feeling the way we do.

Our bodies are very complex and so are our minds. Did you know:

90-95 percent of the serotonin in the body is actually not found in the brain, but in your digestive tract? (1)

The majority people living in Canada are vitamin D deficient, and the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are similar to those of depression? (2,3)

Anxiety is commonly found in individuals with digestive disorders, and that it may be a symptom of a greater health issue? (1)

Naturopathic doctors look at the bigger picture of a patient’s health and aim to get to the root of why you are feeling the way you do  —  whether its due to:

  • Vitamin/Mineral deficiencies
  • Essential fatty acid deficiencies
  • Biochemical imbalances in the brain or body
  • Poorly functioning organ systems
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Food sensitivities

Noelle is a naturopathic doctor dedicated to providing patients with excellent care and natural solutions for vibrant health and a thriving mind.

Noelle offers  evidence-based naturopathic treatments which takes into account your unique biochemistry and complete health picture. During your visits, Noelle will teach you how to build a foundation for health and provide you with more targeted naturopathic solutions so you can stop surviving and start thriving in life!

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